That’s right, I got bumped.

The first plane: JetProp

Yesterday the two flights I was to take back home to my Wendi in sweet home Chicago were backed up. Weather, traffic, whatever.

So the gate agent for the first flight apologizes, I just pray inwardly for grace and figure “Whatever, it’s all good”. He hands me the two tickets and off I go.

Did some work on and offline, let my girl in on the changes, finally boarded and sat next to a sweet lady on the plane and hit the pulled pork at Carolina BBQ when I got to Charlotte. Nice.

Second flight about to board I take a closer look at my ticket. Says “First” and “Priority” on it. What??

This has only happened three or four times in my many, many years of flying, touring the world.

They bumped me alright… they bumped me -UP-!

I wrote this sitting in first class sipping a second diet coke which was mysteriously served at my wide, comfy leather seat while I was in the immaculate bathroom freshening up. Ha!

I mean I am USED to the service entrance, economy, last-class. You know, it kinda goes platinum, ruby, stone, stick and ewwww-class.

Got TWO gratis bags o’ kettle corn for Wendi on this flight. But I did eat the cashews.

“Abase and abound” is what I read in scripture.

O.k., yesterday I came home to my amazingly beautiful wife and a date night, and she’s made me a special dessert too for my “every 10-day eat whatever you want” meal. Wow. No joke, it was one of the most memorable treats she’s ever made me. I’ll spare you… but wow.

The crosses come: embrace them. The kisses come also: enjoy and thank God.

“In everything rejoice, for this is the will of God…”

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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