Is It Me or Is This a Waste?

Disclaimer: I’ll start this writ by saying straight up that it’s not about me though I’ll illustrate by using myself as the foil. Neither does it have to do with anything I have heard or seen this morning or even lately!

I can FULLY understand why this or that person may think what I bring to any table, words, music, even my presence needs to be rejected.20160821_122044

Don’t wanna hear it. Can’t relate. Has zero meaning to me. WAY too wordy. Needs EDITING. Poorly executed. Boring. Not funny enough. All over the map, too eclectic. More precision needed. On and on. I get that and it’s all often if not mostly an accurate critique of me and my life. And likely yours. Maybe even Picasso’s or Segovia’s or Bach, Hendrix, Da Vinci. At least to some folks sometimes. And I don’t even -begin- to operate in the same area code as these amazing people!

So after hearing, reading and pondering a zillion messages -have I ever walked away thinking the same things (or worse) regarding somebody’s output: content, delivery, atmosphere, etc., etc.? OF COURSE!! Who hasn’t? “This was a waste of my time”. Yep.

Yet I am reminded of the old phrase “If God seems far away who moved?” WHY you got zero out of something may have more to say about your own flaws than those of the presenter.

I have learned the importance of questioning my own willingness to even consider a given offering of art, word, person, whatever. Put bluntly, it may not be the worth, value, content or even style or delivery of the offering. It may be my real problem with “it” is me.

Believe me, I fully get there is technical right vs. wrong, solid vs. full-of-holes, shallow thinking and little vetting and therefore our words, actions, artistic or message offerings are at fault because WE have not fully done our homework before presenting them to others.

The “horse” was sent to the track before ingesting least a fair load of nutritional feeding, grooming, training exercises, little-by-little work on the way up entering the Kentucky Derby! I get that. Most of us do. Paying the dues. Preparation. But how often do we criticize our own ability or even willingness to hear, to think outside our chosen “box” when making value judgments on others and their work?

I DO NOT mean “call good evil and evil good”. I don’t even mean accept everything that is put out as “beneficial” or “worthy of praise” -not what I’m saying here.

It is just that many of us are so afraid, angry or freaked on some level of swallowing bones we also toss the meat, too plain lazy to engage our brains to the extent we throw out stuff we really could be fed and enhanced by. Maybe we don’t initially like or want it… but to immediately consider it (and the person bringing it) useless and worthless? The meat gets tossed with the bones. The nutrients go out with the plastic wrap.

Ok. So you’ve heard nonsense. It “walks like a duck” so shoot it. But it is also true that at times, you’ve become the duck.

Ever sit in a Sunday a.m. church gathering thinking “I don’t hear HIM”? I have.

And on occasion, the true culprit was truly me, myself and I.

That’s what you get when you only listen to your own thoughts.

God hasn’t changed nor moved. And there is -nowhere- in this world He is not present.

See Psalm 139 for details.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


2 thoughts on “Is It Me or Is This a Waste?

  1. Great thoughts, as usual. There is also the other side. Such as “Why did I waste my time writing this? They obviously don’t get it or are deliberately missing the point.”


    More seriously, sometimes it is not hard to lament seemingly wasted efforts.


    1. Thx Joe. I do think this is where deep conviction and commitment come in. We sometimes say “If only one…” but forget we were that one once. So loving -who- you write, sing, listen to enough to produce an offering makes it other than a popularity/math proposition. You are a gift and gifted, keep it up when so moved!!

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