Sturgis Bike Week -Thursday Report

SturgisMainStI would be lying not to say I’m havin’ an amazingly good time with so many friends jammin’ and doing music we all love, talking about the One we love most. Just a blast.

Friends and new friends coming in from all over the country, some playing on the Music For the Soul stage, some just stopping by to hang out. Great stuff.

As a musician it’s so cool getting to know the stories, swapping ideas and dreams re. guitars, amps and harmonica tips. And apparently there is greater interest in cigarbox/found object guitars as, for example, my bud Stephen H.
KingStephenAndHarleyJammin is building more of ’em and brought some along to play.

He and I did part of a set Weds. night using cbg’s along with my Shane Speal Stomper.

Longtime friend Scott Colson along with his wife and another good bro came by with 10k cds to share for free with people walking by, hanging out or otherwise interested hearing the many bands and solo musos here. Very cool.TheStage

The weather has been excellent, not as hot as last year though we have had a couple 90 degree days. It poured a cool rain a couple nights ago, yesterday even a bit of small hail before rain came, but it all cooled things off.

Great music, plenty amazing music sets and majorly cool bikes. I will post pics top of next week as I am just too busy now.

Today I build a cigarbox bass for a friend out here 🙂

Thanks for stopping by



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