Weekend Report, Larry Howard Benefit Next!

I know this weekend report is getting to be “same old” but again, I just can’t say enough good about the kind folks in all three of this past weekend appearances. Just so very kind, receptive and the norm, meeting old friends and new.

Fri and Sat we went indoors re. the weather reports so the intense heat wasn’t a problem.

Sun a.m. a very kind church and I finished with a blues song that leaves the challenge of loving people as our legacy. Genuinely affirmative response.

So now on to Florida in support of my friend and fellow bluesman Larry Howard who battles cancer. He and his sweet wife Peggy have been friends for many years and all I can say is I hope if you cannot make it to the Sunday benefit shows, auction and such in support of them, please consider sending some loot to help. The expenses are massive for treatment.LarryHowardBenefit

Please send some prayers up for them, dear mutual friend Skip Frye who is making this all happen, and for all traveling to be part of this worthy effort!

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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