Wisconsin Pics, Danville, IL Next

WisconsinSunsetSuch great peeps in Platteville, Wisconsin! Rolling farm country, great cookout, chats, sweet service and block/party/park gig on the afternoon.BurgersBratsYum

It was also “cool” in that it actually cooled off after some rocking middle-of-the-night storms rolling through. The thunder/lightning was quite rocking, but nice breeze and sun came out Sunday morning and a truly fun time was had in the town park.ParkFolks


I had not seen nor heard one of these amazing amps since being in my first band at 13 years of age! Loran’s cool Magnatone.

Loran also had a few other interesting friends out at his farm:)


So this upcoming weekend Fri, Sat and Sun we have some great events happening in Danville, Illinois. You can find details here in my blog or at:


And if you can help financially or hopefully be at the event- the following weekend I will be in Florida for the Larry Howard benefit. Very special people, Larry and Peggy Howard, and in his battle with cancer needing support. Again, details via the Grrr Records shows addy above.

Grrr also lists other Grrr Records artists there, but you’ll see my shows as well.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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