This Sat. Danville ILLINOIS…!

FRI. Dan First’s backyard -or if rain, stay tuned cuz there will be a new (5 mins. from his house) address where we’ll be indoors (and in a.c.)!

SAT. it is indeed Danville ILLINOIS (yep, I’m shoutin’) and -not- Danville, VA which was the link I mistakenly put up at first. There are apparently two First Pres. Church Danville/s in two different states!!!

Please forgive my blunder! HERE is the FaceBook addy for 1st Pres. Danville, IL this Saturday at 5pm… which again, if weather is poor, we’ll be indoors there at the same address:

SUN. is indoors at Community Church of God Danville (you guessed it…:) Illinois!

Ok, there you go. Will update new location for Friday show If/As needed.

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


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