Tour Endorsements!

20160714_114625Full-on joking here, just thinking about some peeps/biz interests that could work for me, sponsorship sort of deals:

Coffee- fair-trade, usually dark roast. Thick. Too many “brands” to choose only one.

Dr. Bronner’s- (hippie) soap which I fully enjoyed… the mint variety… on this hot day in Chicago. I use it a lot, small bottles when I travel as well.

Vernor’s- diet gingerale… diet Cheerwine- (imho the best cherry cola-like beverage on earth.

Some bullet-proof dive rib-tip joint here in Chicago… too many to name or even pick one, but hey, love dat bbq!

Da Bomb -absolutely killer-hot concentrated sauce. A very small bottle lasts me over a year.

CBGitty- friends and The One-Stop cigarbox guitar shop, they got it all or you don’t need it.

Home Depot- cheap stuff to build gits and shelves and whatever.

MicroCenter- where Linux and Android peeps such as I get flash drives, etc. cheap.

Craigslist- where any of us can get anything cheap.

Chicago Fire (MLS pro soccer/football club), U.S. Men’s National Team (soccer). LOVE ’em!

I could go on but have already bored you to tears.

So thanks for stopping by and see you on the road perhaps 🙂 -Glenn


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