More July Shows, Stompbox, New Record, Larry Howard Benefit

AudioFeedFestAndIllinoisTravelWow… AudioFeed Festival rocked! As always. Joe Filisko turned in yet another fine performance w. me onstage last Sun. night! We do a blues festival in Wisconsin this autumn, will post details on that as we get closer. And kudos to Dan First from whom I lifted a pic from AFeed for a change-of-photo here…

There are a number of pending show requests I will sort through, looks like 40 diff. sets confirmed through November. I have never been much for counting but am pretty amazed at the schedule- thankful and encouraged.

Ok, just sayin’ NObody asked me to do this: my buddy Shane Speal has come up with a soon-to-be released CBGitty cooker of an invention. I scored one of these and have used it in several recent shows and it is THE Best stomper ever. Major low-end gut kick against the cigarbox blues I play. You will thank me later for this, really! Just scroll down his page for a pic.

My dear friends Larry and Peggy Howard have been dealing with massive expenses due to his health issues including cancer so please see info. on the upcoming benefit. Please help them if you can! I am so pleased to be able to make it to Lakeland, Florida for this one:

The new Homes For Heroes cd/downloads have done very well for our Cornerstone Community Outreach, as every penny goes directly to the costs of caring for homeless vets and others in Chicago via CCO. To all who have donated, either downloading or fetching the cd from me at a live show, THANK YOU and especially to Jed and crew at The Bridge Chicago who made this possible!

Response to my new cigarbox blues record Long Way From My Home has been fabulous, thanks again for the many kind words and show support. Grrr Records staff are amazing friends and have done such great work for this release including cover art, etc.. THANKS to ALL of them!!

I get to visit the National Blues Museum at the end of this week, very excited to get to St. Louis again (not performing there… at least not yet:) and experience the museum, then bringing some songs and a message in Hillsboro, MO on Sunday, July 10 in the a.m.:

Sunday, July 17 I help lead the worship team at Rolling Hills Church in Platteville, WI, then that afternoon we jam on blues and I bring some cigarbox git and harp to the local park there as R.H.C. celebrates an anniversary:

Next up will be a backyard event at my friend Dan First’s house in Danville (no relation… HA!) Illinois Friday, July 22 , then a blues set Saturday, July 23 at First Presbyterian Church in Danville. More details coming on these in a bit:

Then comes the Larry Howard benefit and after that a full week of shows and jams at Sturgis Bike Week. Again, more details coming as we get closer to August re. that.

Essentially we are just sittin’ around eatin’ bon-bons! Nope 🙂

That’s the news for now -as always, thanks for stopping by!




  1. Glenn I saw you in 2004 and Rez Band’s 20th anniversary tour at the Ichthus Festival. You put on a good show. I’m glad you are still doing it. Sorry to hear about Larry. He opened for your solo show. Had VCR tape of the Cornerstone Blues Jam.

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