Bike Fest Norway

So we are having amazing weather again after some rain (which I also love) at this camp/fest.
You can see I had my traveling help in a newly built diddleybow (w. Norwegian cookie tin, thanks Borre!), black coffee and sugar-free Ricola. Many gigs in a row, the old guy has to have a bit of voice help. Got a little cold but by God’s grace hasn’t affected my singing… pretty amazing.

The people are very cool, warm reception and it has been a long time since I played an acoustic blues set for them in their WWII bunker above a fjord in Oslo…20160624_161127

This rally drew from all over including Scandinavian nations (Norway of course) but also Germany, Russia and beyond.
Holy Riders are the real deal. We have had a great time.

Tomorrow is the last show of the tour with our longtime Icelandic friend Ole, who has lived in Norway for a few years now. Looking forward!

Next weekend on Sunday myself and harmonica master friend Joe Filisko bring an acoustic blues set to AudioFeed Festival. Looking very forward to that!

And in between, SO glad to get back to Chicago for a few days with my Wendi before AF Fest. Then we take a few days off together, yahoo!
Ok, enjoy the pics, especially of the home-brew bike w. sidecar and a Volkswagen engine 🙂 Sweet!20160624_16141720160624_161344

Thanks for prayers and stopping by! -Glenn



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