Lot More From Norway GKB Tour

20160621_162819Two nights ago GKB played a small town, great room, p.a., crew and people at Betania!20160621_212649

Slept in a super-comfortable little bedroom in the half of the house built in 1860 overlooking a river where the salmon are now running from the North Sea which is five minutes from our lodging. Beautiful.

Last night we played a packed house show on one end of a larger island where we also play at a camp right on the ocean tonight, an outdoor set with an opening band. Very beautiful place!
Norway? It is sweet flowers, endless mountains, rock and moss formations, forests, large pines, stands of birch trees, rivers, rapids and waterfalls, little brooks, lakes often including swans, fjords, the ocean. After several tours here I can tell you there is much to enjoy! Lots of pretty horses, flocks of sheep grazing on every 4th hill, daylight past 11pm this time of year- sweet.20160621_13370520160621_21254520160622_10175820160622_11004720160622_12274020160623_11153520160623_111535

But our friends here, for example Kurt and family, old friends Dag and Jorgen and many more -are even more beautiful. Big hearts, warm, kind.

More than any other, they are the reason I find joy in traveling the world or simply doing a show right at home in Chicago: the people.

Yesterday on the way to the house set I played an hour-long gig in a Norwegian prison. So grateful to hopefully have brought a little light their way.

We took a car-ferry ride after driving under the sea via a couple long traffic tunnels on the journey.

I type this from a cabin not 30 seconds from the Atlantic. But the people are what keeps me moved and moving.

Tomorrow the tour continues at a large biker rally Fri. and Sat., then on to a city to close out the tour, meeting w. our longtime friend Ole with whom we have done many shows in Iceland. The people.

Missing my Wendi and family but called and grateful.

Here are a some pics from the past few days.

Thx for prayers, and as always thanks for stopping by!

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