Norway After 3 Shows

Day off! Next one is the Tues. we fly to Sweet Home Chicago.

Amazing sweet crowd last night.20160619_205915 Opening bands have been great, old and new friends, first-time peeps coming out and a lot of kind responses.

All of us are healthy and grateful. And of course nice to get laundry done, sleep until we woke up today and get a break in the schedule.

I love rain- and as beautiful as it was yesterday (AMAZINGLY so) it is blowing, raining and foggy in Kristiansand today. No problemo.20160620_115300

We have had beautiful picnic stops during our journeys and the coffee has been fine. Postcard views around every turn.20160619_141613
Today I will change git strings on the Strat and also build a 1 string acoustic diddley bow to take into the prison set we will do. Got a Norwegian cookie tin and a piece of wood and some tossed out screws from a place we were at two days ago… just had to :)!20160620_152255

About 9 more sets to do, a couple were added so two days of the tour we do two sets.20160618_173336

Missing my Wendi and family but so thankful for grace.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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