Norway, Thoughts

Interestingly about half the crowd last night had seen us in Norway before or had our records… first show w. REZ here was in 1982.

Such a beautiful country, sweet peeps, plenty daylight until around 11pm this time of year. Sweet. So here is a finally dark shot from our deck:20160618_020338

On to second show now… it turns out 11 in 12 days or so, one day off, one travel day so 2 shows per day in two different days. We are just sittin’ around… not!!
Borre (longtime friend and organizer) had picked up a cheapo acoustic guitar that brought me right to North Mississippi blues playing, sounded very cool.

Looking over his deck this sunny summer morning I can say the view, coffee and vibe is calming and good.20160618_123745

We play a prison set in this tour as well which if you know me, my heart so goes out to inmates and such gigs are special to me. So many prisoners are just forgotten.

Well, time for a shower and prep to travel.

BIG thanks for prayers.

Oh- GO USA in Copa America! So proud of the boys to make the semi-finals in Houston.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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