GKB Norway Tour

Will begin tonight! You can find details by searching here in my site or via the GKB (Glenn Kaiser Band) Facebook page.

British Airways was great… though while waiting to take off the a.c. was out… think “sauna” 🙂

This morning in our guest house I am happy it’s cool and w. a bit of rain which I always love.
Missing Wendi but will be occupied with work so that is grace for me.

Smacked my toe at the end of the Ohio tour and so hobbling around some but no biggie… well, it’s my big toe, heh.

Looking forward to old and new friends along this trip.

Ready for some blues/rock. One set is in a prison as well -so blessed to be able to do that.

So a few pics here, football via Heathrow in London (could only catch 10 mins. of Euro 2016 England vs. Wales but caught up prio via the in-flight tv for a few hours)WalesVSEngland and of the view from our friends amazing home!

And their beautiful old amazing heater which after 3 hours warms the house for 24.NorgeHeat

Hoping the U.S. will win vs. Ecuador tonight!! And my beloved Chicago Fire win as well.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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