BIG Thanks NY, PA… WV Next!

I just can’t take the time for names and details but what a sweet tour with so many kind, gracious peeps all through the first half of our tour! THANK YOU promoters and gig goers in NY and PA! Wendi and I together, every now and then her joining me on a song or two, much grace and what a gift she is to me.

Celebrating our 44th anniversary June 1 as well. YES. Love is the real deal when Jesus’ own love is what you share.

So next to WV, then OH.

Here is a clip with a couple cookin’ friends (Bruce on bass, George drums) at The Rabbit and the Dragonfly in Lancaster, PA. Four tuners on my new Broken Heart cigarbox git… but 3 strings 🙂 Note, it’s -not- Glenn Kaiser Band (Ed drums, Roy bass), rather myself w. a couple friends who backed me up (well!) on the night. A good bro. took the clip though 🙂

Funny, I literally just heard a train passing by 5 minutes ago… ha.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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