Amazing Vision for South Africa

You may or not know my wife and I fronted a group called REZ Band for some 28 years, and that I wrote two songs often performed live, on our first two records that dealt with Apartheid in S. Africa.

Many years ago our Chicago community (JPUSA) began a long friendship with two white SA friends, Alan and Xana. They came to explore our mulit-racial/multi-ethnic approach to living in intentional community.

As we had other friends in SA prior to Mandela’s release and eventual presidency, and my own heart for racial equality and respect was apparent, it was interesting that other SA friends invited us down for a tour with REZ.

Our songs had been banned but were smuggled in, and we ended up playing all but one major city on that long, amazing tour.

We finally were able to meet black and so-called mixed race SA friends in the townships, the ghettos (largely) that racism and such had created and promoted.

Alan and Xana had become fast friends who then established Hands Of Compassion, to my knowledge the first truly muilt-racial intentional Christian community in the nation.

Fast forward- I just received an amazing email and YouTube clip I would love you to see.

They have walked the talk of Jesus’ love in SA and I cannot state how deeply I am touched nor what this can mean to a deeply needy nation as the impact will reach far beyond their immediate area.

This is what love can accomplish!

From time to time I hear of the violence, corruption and political nonsense in SA, mostly from angry, scared whites who bitterly expect human nature to be something other than it is… in those they distrust… and I will say some only trusted in the regime that came before the new SA.

Have a sober and encouraging look at what something other than anger, fear and self-interest can look like!

With Love and Respect to Alan and Xana and HOC!

“The Neighbourhood”:

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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