My Day at the Office:)

JedInTheCockpitSo my friend and Director of Productions for Mission:USA Jed Brewer (writer of “Homes For Heroes” and producer of that 6 song donation-gathering music project for our Cornerstone Community Outreach Shelter I sang and played on) asked me to come by and record a harmonica part for a new song.

Off I went in a Grrr Records van in the rain. I happen to love rain. Just before turning off the freeway I came upon a truckload of bikes.BikeTruck Interesting as I just got home from a Bikes and Blues festival.

The tune is called “We Are All Missionaries” which is a direct quote from the famous “Chariots of Fire” figure Eric Liddell. Amazing truth from an amazing man. It’s something I have tried to live and have been saying for years.

I brought one of my trusty harps, a Shure Green Bullet harp mic and Percolator amp and we did it. Looking forward to hearing the final mix, cool song!PercolatorGBmicHarp

The track will feature on an upcoming “Bridgebox” podcast which you can find out about here:

They eventually release the songs from each Bridgebox on Itunes for those interested.

I also discovered Jed’s love for CheerwineCheerwine (the “national drink” of North Carolina:) which I have LONG loved -and of course I immediately demanded payment in kind 🙂 Like Vernors to gingerale is Cheerwine to cherry cola… looove dis stuf! JedGreenBulletHaungSilvertoneDeluxe

Great friends, great work and I encourage you to check Bridgebox out for yourself. When there, click on Media and Podcasts for more info.. Podcasts w. music are also at their site.

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

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