Macksville Bikes and Blues Report, New Diddley Bow

Don and Rhea (as always) were a treat! Sweet friends. Flamin’ git-picker Eddie “Bigun'” Day, Matt (aka Gravy), Scott “Biscuit” Hazen drums (no kiddin’: Biscuit and Gravy)EddieBisquitGravy and , The Big Mac ComboBigMacComboWithEddieBigunDay and Paul Draper BandPaulDraperBand allll cooked my chili nicely! Looking very forward to seeing ’em all at Sturgis Bike Week this summer.

Some pics from the event:BitOfIronMoreIronBusAndKindCrew

Some of my gear mixed with others:MyGearAmongstOthers

And I played this newest lil’ creation there on an R.L. Burnside tune:


She’s 19 inches w. a 15 1/4 scale bridge to… well, there’s no nut as such as I set the other kind of nut in place so the lone string (diddley bow) would ride high enough on the ersatz tuner (eyebolt) not to require a proper nut as per normal in a guitar. Slapped a Dean Markley dot pickup (piezo inside) on it and really sounds pretty cool! Slide only- and the blues jus’ comes out like dat.

Dual-purpose as it still scratches my back well too 🙂


Cooler in Chicago but nice to sleep in my own bed next to the prettiest Mom God ever made.

Ok, in a couple of weeks off to New York State, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio shows. Looking very forward!

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

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