Misc Guitars, Inspiration, New Record

If you know I’m a musician and you know I tend to be eclectic as a person it likely would not surprise you that I use many, many sorts of guitars.

The joy of different tones (acoustic and electric), feel of a neck, basic “fit” for a song or a part of a song, for a live show and of course, moods all figure in what I use.

Getting very close to finishing a new (largely solo) acoustic blues project with 98 percent cigarbox/found object guitars has been a joy for me!

Between cbg’s I’ve been gifted with and quite a few I’ve built, these songs would not likely been done without varied gits. Some of them would have never been written either, because there is a certain feeling I get, an (some might say “peculiar”, ha!) inspiration that causes me to think and play 1, 2 or 3 stringers a lot differently than I would a full six-string “typical” guitar or even dobro had I instead used those.

The truth is, inspiration is a major element in those moments I find I’m playing from my heart.

I don’t deny the importance of technique and of course technical “closest to Correct” as opposed to outright “wrong” playing -but there is something about inspiration that takes me to another place musically and most of the time, another level of artistic integrity without which sterile precision is all that would be left.

Anyhow, here were tonight’s recording session, a “dynamic duo” that appeared on two of the tunes.20160423_222832 One’s a loaner (calling it Dragon) and the other is one I built in 10 mins. or so up in International Falls, Minnesota at a recent cigarbox guitar workshop. It’s the “Ugly Duckling” and is obviously trashed, the neck has a couple holes/flaws in it as well… but as it’s a simple 1 string diddley bow, no big deal! I like the acoustic sound so we put a couple mics up and recorded. Both are slide guitars (no frets) which I played with a copper 3-way plumbing connector.

The Dragon has a pickup inside so we both mic’ed it as well as plugged into the board for a mixed sound. Fun stuff and I hope you’ll like the results, I’m diggin’ the chili at this point 🙂

We are a bit away from finishing the project but I’ll post when it’s all done and ready to ship, download and such.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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