New Threads? The Five Way Switch…

Well, “threads” are what some of us urban folks used to call “clothes”. Like, “I dig your new threads Dude!”

And for most of my life I have tried to truly avoid “put-on’s”. Meaning that someone doing a “put on” was jiving, jus’ not being straight-up… A PHONY, a faker.

As a follower of Jesus when I first read this, I had to adjust a few things including my ideas of language:

“… put on (or clothe yourselves with) compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3.12b

Hmmm. I think I’ll call this “The 5 Way Switch”.

Any guitarist who likes Fender Stratocaster electric guitars (I do, I often play a model so similar most people wouldn’t know the difference) eventually learns there is a cool modification one can make to them. The three-way lever that can be wired up different ways to the 3 pickups on a Strat can be changed by replacing it.

With what? A five-way-switch of course 🙂5waySwitch Way cool, plenty more options for wiring and therefore more varied and different sounds can come out of the same pickups on the same guitar.

I needed (and still do) the five-way switch in my attitude and relationships.

One of my guitars has a five way switch that sometimes “checks out”… meaning it don’t always work, one of these days I gotta either fix it or get someone else to.

In my old life (pre-Jesus-following) I needed a LOT of fixing. I needed cleaning, re-wiring of my attitudes, passions, desires, relationships… I mean A LOT. But again, at times I still do, no lie.

Compassion? Humility? Yep. More please, I and all those I interact with need more of these from my side of the table!!

Kindness, gentleness, patience? I am surely not overloaded in these and again, I and all I influence need more of these in our relationships. Note also that Paul (writer of the letter to the Christians at Colossae quoted here) mentions these three things as part of the nine “fruits” God the Holy Spirit grows in each Christian’s life (in his letter to the Galatians, chapter 5). Fruit takes time and the right nutrients to grow, but such spiritual fruit is an indication of spiritual depth -far beyond mere knowledge or information.

In fact it’s really a reflection of God’s Own character/nature… springing up within us. Amazing stuff, ‘eh?

Here’s what I’m learning to do more of: in all my relationships, in difficult moments between myself and my wife, family, church, people on the street… thinking about elections and voting, posting on the Web in social media, or those I’m angry at, afraid of, “enemies”… do I think, speak and act out of THESE? God help me.

He’s my only hope of this rather essential “five way switch”.

Lastly, what sort of reflection of Jesus’ love am I if these aren’t evident?

Perhaps worth thinking, praying, as needed repenting about?

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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