Misc. Update, New CBGs

DeuceHere is the new doubleneck cbg (cigarbox guitar) I’m working on. A few more touches and she’ll be on tour with me. She’s named “Deuce”. Two 3 string necks tuned to E and A. 25 inches tip-to-tip, appx. 20 3/4 inch scale bridge to nut on both necks. Pickup installation coming:) Even has real tuners (!) so I feel like I’m slumming on this one…DeuceBodyDeuceNecks

The past weekend in the Minnesota cbg workshop I took a truly junk neck and box that I knew nobody would want and did a sort of “proof of concept” 10 minute build of a diddley bow (one stringer slide guitar), stuck a (cheater… I know…) Dean Markley Transducer (piezo) pickup on it and played it at the show where we’d done 2 days of building.UglyDucklingUD2UD3 Never fails, people get wide-eyed, smile and wonder at the simplicity and cheapo-but-coolness. There’s a little Christmas every time. My “Ugly Duckling” diddley.

I’m close to finishing a cbg with onboard amp built for touring as well. Mic it up, crank and bluuuueeesssss comes out.

Having a meeting re. final details for new solo blues release… these things take time!

Also working on the many kind requests for shows, lots booked and quite a bit more to process details for. As always, I will post along and along on fresh music and dates.

I have a number of pickups to create and also must decide exactly which cbg’s to take on the May-June tour with us. Looking forward to seeing so many old and a number of new friends! And there is a webcast live show in the works being planned for one of our PA stops 🙂 Again, we’ll pub that info. when it’s all set.

In a day or two I’ll post a fresh blog on the life actual maintained accountability friends have blessed me with.

Looking forward to Beloit, WI tomorrow night!

Time to heat up the soldering gun for some piezo pickups…

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


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