Intl’ Falls CigarBox (Plus) Report

Wow, another sweet weekend of two workshops, a show and two services. Well we sure weren’t just sittin’ around 🙂

Let me first say if you don’t already know, I grew up fishing and hunting and would do more but for lack of time. But I love to get out during the seasons whenever I can!

You will see some expired animals in this blog so if that’s an issue, stop reading/looking now! Fair warning.

I must say rolling through my state of birth (Wisconsin) was sweet too. We saw 3 eagles, lots of other wildlife and of course it continued in Minnesota.

International Falls happens to be in the poorest county in MN so simple cigarbox gits are a great way for peeps to learn, build, make music and just have fun in what can be difficult circumstances. The paper mills have cut back. Hunting and fishing are part of a living for many, and so the annual Sportsman’s Expo at the Ev. Covenant Church brought a LOT of people together as it does each year.WhitetailBucksMuzzleLoadingPeriodVendor

Pastor Darren is a friend and as I’d already done one of these workshops with him a couple years back, he decided it might be fun to bring something fresh to the Expo along with the many vendors, lectures and contests over the weekend.GitBuildNice3StringerTheCrowd

As you can see, there was a lot going on!NorthernLightsPrizePhoto

Over the two workshops and with great and needed help from a few other folks, something like 35 guitars were built and a lot of smiles on the weekend.TinyCoolBlackAndGoldGit

I performed about 4 tunes over 3 short “this is what they sound like” previews on the stage of the main room as well as doing the Sat. night concert. Nice responses in every case.

Wendi was so sweetMyQueen though a bit sick off and on during our trip, doing fine now and we’re now readying for this weekend’s visit to Beloit, WI at Josiah’s Place where I’ll again bring out some cigarbox and found-object gits for the gig. You can see my earlier post for info. on that.

Oh- just today got an invite to a museum to potentially do a cbg building workshop in the autumn during a history of guitar event. If we can make it happen I’ll publicize it.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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