Aurora, IL CigarBox Git Building Report

workingAWWWWESOME day in Aurora this past Saturday. Great longtime friends at Warehouse Church and pastor Randy rocked his own build. So very fun to see people pack out their Project Shop (these woodworker staff peeps know their stuff!) which they do every Saturday, to build.sweet

They do several sorts of projects each week including some amazing kayaks, other typical guitars, small projects like turning very hip wood-based pens on lathes… etc..

A lady with a cool metal boxDobroVibe Dad with two sons, all sorts of people working at the benches and doin’ great work with very nice cbg kits (including piezo pickups pre-soldered/wired) provided- plenty of tools, help and encouragement for all from staff. Here are just a few of my pics 🙂cool

Such a great job by Randy, Mike,AmazingStaff Dale and crew, nice crowd at my mini-set with several CBGs and some explanation about ’em for the folks. Thanks for the joy of creating cool stuff together!TakeBreaksThePastorRocks

And I get to do it again this coming weekend in International Falls, MN (see my last blog re. shows update).

As always, thanks for stopping by:) -Glenn

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