CAN DO CanSjoe :)

Forget Canjo or Canjoe… with a central and touching surrounding cans this one’s a CanSjoe!

I mean really, a guitar string or strong enough wire, tin cans, a stick, some wire and/or string, a few other little bits and you got it.

A couple years ago someone posted this online:

Which inspired me to finally get around to making this:

1 stringer (diddley bow) played with copper slide and credit-card pic. Or sit it in your lap and use a hot sauce bottle as a slide and a sharpie to beat the string for a melody. 27 and 1/2 inches tip to tip, 21 and 1/4 inch scale bridge to nut.CanSjoeBridgeCanSjoeNut

I must say, I was impatient in that I would have had to find a solid enough branch for the neck but winter has mostly been in session, my schedule and etc., I just used a piece of throwaway wood I had lying around.

Also varied from the artist’s pic in that I used a drill for holes through which the cans are connected by an old metal coat hanger. I didn’t think string alone would do the trick if I travel with it. Added two bolts and nuts through neck and two of the cans to hold it tightly in placeCanSjoeBoltCloseup and screwed in 3 small wood screws as position markers also -all this deviating from the original idea.CanSjoeInside

A little super glue under “bridge” and “nut”. Heavy well-stretched out acoustic guitar E string tuned somewhere around an F# on the way to a G. When it solidly held tune I placed the position markers.

There are MANY options to such a git but I just used what I had lying around and chose a bit larger can for the center/resonator.

Will try a pickup on it soon but acoustically it truly sounds great! I mean, surprisingly nice tone.

And you can beat on the cans as each sounds a bit different. YES, Hillbilly git wit’ drumlets. Or somethin’ like dat 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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