Primary Election Blues

I will again link to three lyrics I wrote some time ago at the end of this… (Click on Pete Seeger) cuz I think they say most of what I want to say in lyric form.

In a nutshell, people all over the world are cringing at this U.S. election cycle as they well should. Whoever gets to the White House has much to say and at least some (depending on Congress) to -do- that directly and deeply affect other nations.

This is the responsibility of being an economic (if not moral, humble or at times perhaps even sane) superpower.

Obviously Americans are affected deeply as well, regardless of winner.

This is also what Big MONEY which equals BIG POWER brings us most every four years.

So two quick points:

  1. VOTE -or quit posting in social media (or venting to your neighbor)
  2. ACT IN LOVE EVERYDAY -don’t think verbalizing ANYthing gets much of anything done because in the end it’s your actual work, showing up, DOing SOMEthing KIND FOR people around you that speaks to God and people that you actually love and give a rip about them.

In my view those who rarely show up -and when they do, only around election time, bringing little but words accomplish the sort of circus you now see unfolding in our political sphere.

This mess is on us. Frankensteins don’t create themselves.

Thanks for stopping by. -Glennimag0203-scaled-1000


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