Found-Object Git

So if you follow me much you know I love making little slide guitars out of whatever.20160301_221813

Here’s the latest. A hard plastic window washer a friend next door was tossing… perfect condition, doesn’t even smell bad :)!

So at 21 1/2 inches I decided the soft side against my belly was the way to go, added an eyelet with woodscrew shaft, 1/4 inch eyebolt and wingnut (it happens to be Super Tuesday in the U.S.A. presidential election cycle) and a nut on the eyebolt which raised the string hight to what I wanted.

So here we have a wound .026 electric guitar string tuned to an E.

This ended up eyebolt-to-eyebolt 19 1/2 inch scale and there is only the slightest bowing of the “neck”.20160301_222535

It snowed today in Chicago, and though this little item is still useable as an auto window cleaner (yes, even with string and all attached) I am rather impressed with it’s amazing playability and even tone! Well, we shall have to stick a portable pickup on it later and run it through our Percolator Amp (not actual coffee pot amp, but Zeppelin Design Labs amp).

Think this little one is called “The Diddley Cleaner”. Ha.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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