Lent, Lint, Whaaa?

Yeah, being a lyricist I find my words-call-out-other-words on… well, just autopilot!

A malady of this is talking too much. Which I have done (!) all my life. God have mercy on listeners. Which is in part why I blog so much. Easier to edit, then hit “send”.

So last night we did our Ash Wednesday service. The beginning of the church calendar year of the season of Lent which as you can see, brought my brain to consider that stuff you see in the pic here.20160211_132438

Not the prettiest shot you’ll ever see in my blog posts, ha?!

Lent is about consideration that we came from dust, will return to it, are mortals, deal with a loving, immortal Father. It is also about considering one’s sin, repenting, a change of mind, heart -God is in the north and we so easily just head straight south unless we are paying attention.

Today was my weekly laundry day. My wife has asthma so long ago I decided I should do it each week. Cool. Except for that stuff you see in the photo.

Our place has 8 massive dryers. Each runs for a 45 min. cycle. I know, the environment: line-drying… which is something I love and if we had the space would do. Growing up in the country and when we had a lake place for many years I line-dried in the sun and wind plenty. But I digress.

Folks here get reminded every so often to clean the lint catcher in the dryers they use. I try to do it both before and after I use them, but of course sometimes we forget.

Now the beauty of all that lint is that if you like to camp or just need to start a fire in a fireplace or grill, ain’t nothin’ like lint to get a fire lit quick! Perhaps all lint is really good for is fire-starting. That’s a metaphor, but again I digress…

What some don’t realize is that it’s possible (though not a given) for lint traps to get so full they can get a large dryer to smoking and even start a fire. Clean ’em folks! Clean ’em.

Many protestants don’t practice spiritual cleaning all that much. Jesus took care of our sins on the cross so that’s over and done, right? The problem is that we still sin and need not only His mercy but also to individually repent, turn, really consider our thoughts, attitudes and actions toward God, others and ourselves. We need to “examine” ourselves, check our hearts before the Lord and when needed (myself daily) repent.

Lent- in the “high church calendar” can indeed simply be (like all other acts in ANY gathering of Christians) a mere religious ritual with little or zero meaning to us. No matter who you are, with whom, where nor -how- you “do” church as the church (assembly of Christ-followers) you can simply do it “by rote”, a mere “this is how we do things” while your mind, heart and life are disconnected from God and the reality of His desire in the gathering.  You maybe just showed up -but not in heart nor spiritual communion with God and others.

Or not.

Lint, like Lent, happens whether or not you notice, care, or bother.

Repentance- a command of God throughout His Word and indeed, in the New Testament Gospels and letters, is not optional. It is certainly not a one-time-thanks-God-overanddone deal regarding salvation only.

Man that lint can pile up!

Which is why some of us choose to consider and appropriate a specific time each year, a time to really focus on “getting the lint out” during Lent. God waits, speaks and works grace in the clay if we are willing to focus, listen and act on His Word to us.

I truly doubt many of us repent “on automatic”. Which is why reminders are good -though we’d rather just snatch up our laundry and forget about it.

We all want and need grace, forgiveness, mercy. God is THE source of these, and this is in large part why He “commands all people everywhere to repent and believe the Good News”. To come to Him. Laundry ain’t the only stuff needin’ cleansing on a regular basis.

Of course, the next person may be affected by our lack of caring. That’s another reason why Lent is a good idea. Come to think of it, “Lent” rhymes with “repent”. Hmmm…

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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