“For REAL?!” Homeless-to-HOUSED.

I have a fresh music project available, for download only at this time. Read on please!

When I and my best buddies were coming up (in the 60s) and somebody said something that sounded “too good to be true” that was our go-to question: “For REAL? For REAL man?!”

Listening to politicians, considering what cause/s, area of need (charities) or mission/church you might give hard-earned money to and stewardship of what you have is ALWAYS important.

The city of Chicago has regularly sent people to a homeless shelter our fellowship opened many years ago because the need is so great. Veterans, “average” folks who have lost their jobs due to business closure, downsizing, etc., drug-dependent people, the mentally ill and on it goes- so many end up in the street.

People talk a lot about homelessness and the issues as to how and why and what to do. Do. Not merely talk. We must move beyond theory, opinion and words.


or directly to the project itself via:


WHY I love and do what I can for Cornerstone Community Outreach is simple: these are some of “the least of these” in our society (see Jesus’ words in Matthew chapter 25 for clarity). That and because we see the positive results in REAL people with REAL names. We serve people by grace, food, clothing, a place to sleep out of the weather, life skills training, help toward education, job placement and as they complete the program, permanent housing.

REAL story after story with photos of real people completing the CCO program who are now housed pop up regularly:


-and here: http://www.ccolife.org/our-stories/

Our friends at Mission USA/The Bridge have blessed us with the Homes For Heroes Chicago project to help fund the continuing mission of CCO. A large group of people who care donated time, talent and expertise to make it happen same as our daily work of grace-based relationships, life-change and eventual housing for so many via Cornerstone Community Outreach. For Real.

Please consider a download of the HFH project with a donation via NoiseTrade. We will update when it is also available via Itunes. On behalf of our CCO guests, clients and staff, Thanks so very much!

And as always, thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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