Blues, CBG, Etc. Update, Links

Blues and cigarbox guitar, etc. update today 🙂

Among other things I wanna give a shoutout to Lazy B Radio… sitting here listening to my friend One String Willie. This link takes you to 24 hour Cigarbox Guitar music:

Pretty cool sauce.

Well, I am a hot sauce/pepper junkie but you get my drift.

Next, a pastor friend of mine (one Ev. Cov. bro named Rick Lindholtz) gifted me with these!
No less Elderly Instruments was the place he picked ’em up some 35 years ago. R. Crumb art and a load of blues history on the back of these 36 cards. JUST AMAZING! Big thanks to Rick, enjoying these so very much. Heros Of The Blues

Many of you know when I get into something I don’t do the half-way deal… so when very young I began to dig into articles, books and eventually (when it started) blues history on the web. So much to learn about all this.

The human story, the issues of slavery, poverty, racism, of course all over the world dirt-poor folks creating instruments out of whatever they had available for building.
So as I look around my office I have cigar boxes, tins, a few solid pie plates, old silverware cases, a larger wine box with a top on it, all sorts of broom and handles, various wood for necks, etc..

All this stuff calls for attention, just whenever I can give it time I build yet another (mostly 1 or 3, sometimes 2 string) slide guitars out of whatever.

So yesterday I did my weekly volunteer at our metal shop (which helps pay the bills in our inner-city Chicago outreach to the poor, etc.) and scored a piece of stainless steel that I’ll cut in half to make a couple Very Bright shining gits with.

Got a pie plate with holes in it (came that way), on and on it goes. So fun and keeps the creative side of my brain very happy.

Currently on a writing spurt, a LOT of blues songs in the past week, all sorts of topics, stories and such.

Next week back to Cook County Jail for music and message with my Willow Creek friends. Amazing grace among the inmates and re. the team in Division 11.

And indeed, I am loving the cold rain falling outside the window right now here in Chi-town. Sounds like a blues tune, ‘eh? Ha!

So thankful for so many and so much. My heart and desire- “though poor yet making many rich” so to speak!

Continuing to book a lot (!) of shows in this year. Will post on all sites as we get closer to tour-time.

Hey, to be clear, nobody pays me, I just love, Ben, Shane and crew at and all the cool history and etc., they make available.

Folks also ask me (just today, from Denmark, visiting us) about tuning on these little guitars- you can find a ton of that info., and so much more at so please do a search there and enjoy.

Lastly, the cool folks at The Bridge (Mission USA here in Chicago) do amazing work with ex-prisoners helping with food, clothes, housing, etc.. They also have heart for our Cornerstone Community Outreach (homeless shelter) here in Chicago, so asked me to sing, play and help put together a benefit project (8 songs) of old hymns and new tunes written by my Bridge bro Jed Brewer. A bit more country-ish and also bluesy. Anyhow, that project will be available for download (only) re. donation basis, all proceeds to help financial needs at CCO. Just amazed at the Homes For Heroes Chicago project and so happy about what I’m hearing of the tracks! So I will update that next week when it’s fully up and ready. That link if interested:

As always, thanks for stopping by my site here! -Glenn

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