Anger, Shame, Positive Resourcing

I expect all of the above to happen re. this blog for those (all who give a rip about humans in urban America… or should!!!) who read through the linked article. I will simply say that I am not 1/8th as upset over mentally ill, even full-on rebellious young travellers, chronic addicts or military veterans who end up homeless for a LOAD of reasons both deserving -and indeed, in some senses by some judgments undeserving- of our mercy and grace (yes… UNmerited favor, that is what God’s grace is… NONE of us EARN or DESERVE it)… as I am of the hard-hearted, ignorant attitudes that especially those who call ourselves Christians sometimes demonstrate toward these people. End of rant.

God help us help others.

Please read and consider. These are human beings and sometimes they actually behave with more compassion than many of us not in their situation. Face it. Get involved in your town. Pray. ACT, don’t just wag your tongue or decide with the oft-used cop-out that “they’ve EARNED the mess, they simply reap what they sow”. I tremble that I could reap what I have sown because my righteousness is also filthy rags according to The Book.

Loving our neighbor as ourselves. commandment of Jesus, no?!!

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Her article “No Toilets For The Homeless” is the deal. Please read it all, there are solutions and links to them.

Thank you for loving “in deed and in truth”. -Glenn


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