Misc.- Healing, MO Trip, Homes For Heroes Chicago Update

A quick update and a few links to an important area of service. I truly dislike infomercial vibes but there are peeps in trouble and need… so links follow within.

Been sick the past few days. Uggh! But little by little the coughing and runny nose is subsiding. Grace. Things could ALWAYS be -far- worse. Say, homeless as well as sick. Yep.

Wendi and I truly enjoyed our trip to Poplar Bluff, MO. Older friends, made some new ones and I must say both sets were fun and meaningful to me, hopefully for those attending. The VA Hospital set was especially amazing for on a number of levels.

All this indeed syncs with Jed Brewer’s (“The Bridge”) email just coming to me. Heard the mix of the first single (title track) for the project being released (“Homes For Heroes”) to specifically benefit our Cornerstone Community Outreach shelter and programs to help and house the homeless. http://www.homesforheroeschicago.com/

Winter weather in inner-city Chicago, so many homeless veterans, elderly, single moms, intact families, there is much need and we SO appreciate Jed and crew making this project of fresh songs possible to help out. Jeremy’s excellent blog is a great intro. to what CCO is about, and if you like, have a read of his Dec. 8 post on HFH as well.

Jed wrote the title track and several others I can’t wait for you to hear. I’ll post info. soon as singles and of course, the entire project is ready. http://www.ccolife.org/

Meanwhile thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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