Make It!

Really. I know not everyone has the same muse, skill, imagination, but I can tell you I check Instructables.Com several times per week. I also have checked the Make Magazine website and from time to time Mother Earth News, for years… d.i.y. (do-it-yourself) is appealing for a number of reasons.

On a budget (that is, not a lot of money) ? You can think, pray, imagine, websearch any number of d.i.y. sites, YouTube and so on, and have a go at making something with your hands and just a few tools.

I cannot tell you (ahead of time anyhow) what I am doing for various family members for Christmas, but presents are fun to make and it seems I rarely (whew!) strike out. Well, not always are they as big a hit as they were cool to create but…

This year as many years now, I have done what I could. Simple stuff, fun stuff, stuff that is needed and often with whatever I can find, often recycling, re-purposing or up-cycling stuff.

Maybe after New Years I’ll blog on what I made others for Christmas to give you some ideas for another time…

I do admit, we share a lot of love in my family and there is great taste (not mine… except in selecting an amazing wife by God’s grace!!) but also not a snobbery from my kids, sons-in-law and grandkids. My wife is super gracious and truly seems to dig what I create. So there you go.

Not everyone has such close family members but in the end, being poor doesn’t have to mean you got nothin’ to do and nothin’ to give.

WORDS- poems, prose, books from re-sale shops or used bookstores

STUFF- I mean there is a looooong list of re-sale shop stuff and/or you can use parts of things to make something else

WEBSITE LINKS- there are tons of links you can find for free books on all sorts of topics that you know will interest those you are giving to… and for that matter a simple card with those links within it can be a really cool gift for some peeps you love. Links to free music videos or audio, movies, etc., they would enjoy while online.

If someone is truly poor and/or has zero web connections most cities in the U.S. offer at least a 30 min. (or more) free web connection via their computers at the local libraries.

CREATIVE SERVING- a card with an offer of babysitting one or two evenings for a loved one or couple, back or foot rubs for a spouse, drawing a nice hot bath along with your wife’s fave bubblebath (which you can create from Web recipe/directions), breakfast in bed and you do the dishes… the list is endless.

Really, it’s a matter of thought and consideration of what you are willing to creatively try.

You still have time, don’t freak, you can give a lot of love with very little money, just a bit of creativity and time.

Enjoy the holidays with Jesus and someone you love!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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