Impending WHAT??!

Maybe you have or haven’t heard the phrase “impending doom” but between Facebook, world history, natural disasters and indeed The Bible itself there are absolutely real times of massive, manic, terror-stricken people who have experienced it.

“It”‘meaning the instinct, the hole-in-your-gut sense, the “maybe even around the next corner…” feeling of dread and intense, negative “Oh GOD what I fear most is about to COME upon ME!”

Paranoia? Needing prayer, counselling, small-group, possibly (and I am not joking) professional medical help? Could be any, a combo or all of these. Then again it might be prophetic.

I believe in prophecy, Bible and here-and-now spiritual gifts that indeed forecast or foretell events of cataclysmic suffering and ruin. We find them often enough in both Old and New Testaments. I have received plenty of “direct words” from people who as it turned out, were indeed correct in their telling me something/s about my life and what was going to take place in it via the hand of God.

Then again, beyond all I have now written on this in the blog you are reading, there is another “impending” (meaning “just about to happen”). No, I don’t mean Christmas.

Off come the gloves and I shall now be fully in-your-face rude. I’m talking about something all of us and certainly including myself have manifested all too often in our lives: impending dumb.

I mean un-educated, knee-jerk, freaking-out “The SKY is stinking FALLING PEOPLE and YOU DON’Ț GET IT… RUUUUUNNNNN!!!” revelations from individuals and at time groups of ’em who if living in Old Testament Israel would eventually be stoned cuz they are false prophets. They often 80 to 100 percent believe what they are telling people, but in the end will be proved wrong by events that do not take place and a God Who is consistent though we cannot always rightly predict and therefore proclaim what is to come.

Just one (HUGE!) illustration of this is the nation of Israel expecting a conquering king and God sends them a suffering Messiah Who speaks in parables (!) . Faith and trust in a truly Good and Gracious God regardless of calamity has likely always been (from one perspective) a deficit in human society. “Curse God and die” is often more like it.

“The beginning of wisdom is the fear (actual respect, sense of awe for, reverence as well as fear) of the Lord.” The -beginning- of it. The end of it is peace.

Knowing God in Jesus Christ, growing “in the GRACE and KNOWLEDGE of the Lord”, finding the peace in the eye of any storm (real or imagined) of any sort is possible -but I am convinced it is ONLY possible through a genuine relationship and actual knowledge of God via His Word and experience in choosing faith in Him regardless of blow-outs on the freeway.

Impending dumb means “you are about to be tempted to royally freak out because you are believing in and focusing on something other than the true God, His true Word and fully throwing yourself at His mercy. -REGARDLESS of circumstance, his grace which alone “is sufficient” is FAR better than the mercy of mere humans, events in the natural world, or allowing your emotions and even what may be a true prophetic word from God via others… to cause you to lose your mind and make foolish choices. Allowing your mind, emotions and choices to move you in any direction but towards Jesus is the only solution regardless of what happens (or does not).

There is a time for everything indeed… but there is never a time for choosing someone or something other than God Himself to meet your need. Have I ever run around in circles freaked-out? YES! But I am learning, still very much a student. “Impending dumb” ain’t never a good solution fer nothin’.

“Don’t worry over anything whatever; tell God every detail of your needs in earnest and thankful prayer, and the peace of God which transcends human understanding, will keep constant guard over your hearts and minds as they rest in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4.6,7

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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