Watershed Christmas Report

20151212_235523Poor Ami Moss (one of my daughters) was ill as was our grandson… and could not make it this time. But Rebecca (one of my other daughters), sweetest Wendi wife and amazing father-in-law and poet Curt Mortimer made it… just a wonderful evening as always at Living Springs/Watershed for “Kaiser Family Christmas”.

Our friends there are gems and the audience always very kind and appreciative. These are evenings of Christmas songs, poetry and the Bible story of what Christmas is truly about.

And I get to bring out cigarbox guitars here and there, as well as a beautiful gift given me years ago by longtime Cornerstone Festival goer and Project 12 friend Michael Rousey.20151212_235531

Mike and his sweet wife Terri have been amazing, gracious lovers of Jesus and New Orleans for many years. They live in the culture and serve neighbors on various levels and we are super blessed to know them.

So, being a gifted woodworker by trade as well as blues lover, Michael blew me away with this amazing piece of art/guitar/sweetness. It has electronics in it as well, but both acousticaly and via amp or p.a. sounds amazing and is a treat to play -she sang Silent Night sweetly last night 🙂20151212_235540

Shout out with love and Christmas joy to Mike, Terri and all our NOLA friends!20151212_235552


If you wish, here is more info. on this particular style of guitar:


As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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