Noel Diddley Bow Git

This morning I gave this along with a little copper slide and credit-card pick which I also made, to a young bro. coming through a faith-based rehab/discipleship group -with the promise that he would practice. Cuz practice is what it’s all about.

20151205_165038Yeah I know… fact is I don’t even begin to dislike the people of China though their government is a train-wreck.

But in a local Dollar Store my wife and I got some cheap stuff for Christmas and here was a one dollar box that screamed “make a one-string Christmas guitar outta me!!” so I did.

Had a hunk of wood needing a little sanding for a neck, cut the slots for it, screwed a flat-head over a nut for the bridge and with epoxy glued a blown-out piece of rubber from dead Croc (shoes…) strap onto a little block of wood to use as a move-able but non-slipping nut.20151205_164945

Wrapped a plain G guitar string around the end of the neck, through it’s little brass nut and over the flathead screw, tied it off tightly around a small but sturdy phillips head screw at the top of the neck, then stretched it out so it would hold pitch when that portable “nut” was inserted under the string. Tuned to “F#”.20151205_164930

One 2 x 2 5/8’s inch inner brace (glued/screwed in) and we have a fun little (and truly cool sounding) acoustic diddley bow!

25 inches head-to-tail, 21 inch scale bridge to nut.

20151205_164916We truly wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy building experience! NOEL!

As always, thanks for stopping by -Glenn

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