Shootings. My Perspective/s.

And that’s all it is, my personal perspective. My muse on these miserable events. I suspect I will anger people on both sides of the divide, but this is where I currently stand and have for many years.

In no specific order:

Sick, sad, disgusting, angering, fear-promoting and profession-choosing choices all enter in each horrible time shootings and killings take place.

I legally own, shoot and enjoy firearms, airguns, bows, etc.. I hunt and target shoot. I have zero plans to stop.

I could care less about gun registration from one angle: it would likely get a fair number of weapons off the streets.

And yet, neither law-enforcement nor whomever (yes…) sits in governmental seats of power can really fix what ails us.

Gun registration will never get illegal weapons out of U.S. society anywhere close to solving maniacal, demonized and/or mentally ill crazies from getting one or more, or creating them and figuring how to put deadly ammo in, plan and shoot to kill and main innocent civilians.

Anyone who is ignorant enough to believe any amount of “armed populace” could defeat a well-trained professional military or swat team with weaponry such pros have at their disposal is flipping ignorant or has faith beyond any sense of reason. Dictators -or- democracies with such weaponry and training but for God Himself, win the day in such a scenario, period.

Anybody who can get access to the internet or even a non-checked out library book can study and create explosives, etc.. Fact.

Neither the NRA (I was years ago but cannot, for many years, just cannot for a number of reasons, go with them) nor gun and sporting goods manufacturers, shops and etc., have any real interest in weakening much less changing the laws. Folks, this is capital C Capitalism at its freedom-loving / make $erious Money norm. This is the bed we made. Have fun debating while massive amounts of money literally calls the shots.

There are fine people in all these places, and of course, corrupt dolts who look the other way.

Then again, there is supply and demand, not only big biz but black market and corrupt sellers who simply pass on weapons for the bucks or maybe on occasion, out of spite, anger or whatever motive. NO law changes organized or dis-organized criminals from getting hold of weapons folks, face it. You can get anything with money if you happen to locate the right people. Historical reality, world-wide and certainly in the U.S.A..

O.k., so stronger, better enforced laws WILL cut down on senseless murders, mayhem at schools, churches, etc.. To some extent, yes. Some. But this at core changes little re. point after point I am making in this blog post.

Then you have fear, worry, a growing urban population in poor and violent neighborhoods who think gun ownership itself solves self-defense needs juxtaposed against a non-hunting/target shooting society who largely don’t get conservation or (unless in a very poor, violent neighborhood) self-defense with any weapon are never going to agree- not even among themselves as to what sort of laws should be changed, written, enforced.

Further, few really want to pay via gas and other taxes for all greater enforcement costs. On the other hand, the prison INDUSTRY cash cow and “yeah, THAT’ll teach/solve this” may bring money in. Money. Yep, a root issue as I see all this.

I know, “If it saves one life…” I get that in spades, truly. Do you think I don’t love my wife, kids, grandkids, etc.?!!

Then you have those times someone who was armed saved lives by shooting the attacker. Also fact.

Then again, as a Christian I do not take lightly the concept of sending someone to hell because I put lead into a lethal area of their body “in order to protect others”. I pray for, work with and generally support police, corrections officers and military personnel but I also think a “let God sort them out” mindset empty of both biblical ethics as well as His love. I have often stated I am no pacifist, but neither do I think killing someone is somehow always “doing God’s service”. If you should look that verse up you may recognize neither did Jesus.

In the end, I fully admit to belief that there is but one hope in the despairing outlook I am painting here. And even this is despairing to many, and I indeed understand several reasons why.

Put in full-on blunt terms- individuals either respect God and humans, sanely fear God and understand there is a judgment day coming to each of us regardless of what many (even some Christians) wish to believe -or they do not. You can believe a fat guy named Glenn in Chicago is not writing these words… but faith/belief will NEVER change truth/reality. As Pilate asked, “What is truth?” That which the true God, Father-Son-Spirit determines IS reality. We don’ț fully get to determine it. God alone establishes reality. Free will allows us a great deal of grace and a great deal of horror, but it -is- what it is, and He chose to give it whether or not you or I always act rightly with such ability.

Saving faith in and genuine reverence for Jesus Christ as well as love and grace for others is what we need and have -or do not have. Everything else is in the end, insufficient, both here and hereafter.

As for moderation? Few Americans I have ever known care much for it, law or no law, Christ-follower or not. Those who fear or are angered the most often check out on restraints, and there you end up with extremists using extreme measures to get what they either want or think they deserve.

Each one of us have to face the reality of the fallen world we live in as well as the one to come in which we all shall give account.

God help us.

We apparently are often uninterested but for extreme polarization… which continues to stir the pot in angry, fearful, mentally ill, demonized, vengeful people. Even a small minority of them will continue to bring tragedies to us and in the end, none of us really have anything but hope faith and love or sadly, simply a clock on the wall that will one day stop for each of us, regardless of how or when.

God have mercy, and may we learn to share it regardless.

Thanks for stopping by on yet another sad day in America.




  1. “Free will allows us a great deal of grace and a great deal of horror, but it -is- what it is, and He chose to give it whether or not you or I always act rightly with such ability.”
    Does God ever regret doing that?

    1. Jan, Genesis 6.6 seems to tell us at times He is so hurt by people He has felt regrets… But my direct answer is that love, genuine love can never be forced. It cannot come from manipulation nor mere command. If it is not ultimately His love coming into and flowing through us, then via us to others all in part not only by HIS choice but also ours (free will), it is not voluntary.

      If you or I actually, literally force someone to love (or do anything, X, Y or Z, it isn’t their decision so how can it be authentic love? If married, what would you think about forcing your spouse to love you? In essence, they do not. What sort of love, what sort of relationship is that? Not “agape”. “CHOOSE this day whom you will serve”. “I stand at the door and knock. IF anyone will open the door I will come in…” etc., etc..

      “But who can resist His will?” Ultimately, nobody. Yet to say homocide is the will of God means He wills we contradict His own command “You shall not murder”… so to conclude all that happens is at core, the way He wants us to live (love), is simply not exegesis, rather a flawed human construct.

      He WILL, ULTIMATELY have His way, but it is more than apparent in His Word and human history we are able to ignore both Him and His will plenty! This is why repent (turn, re-think) is so foundational to true scriptural faith. Romans 12.1,2 etc.. We live out His love and will in His giving us choice, not merely by command though He indeed commands us to love, serve, honor, etc.. -Glenn

      1. *Hey Glenn, before I post this comment, and before you read it, please understand one thing: I am not here to start a flame war with you. I am but a lost sheep returning to the Fold with a million questions. Like the one below:

        Glenn, thanks for the response. My next question (and it is the same for a lot of people) is why the loss of innocent life? Where is God’s protection for the innocents?

      2. Jan, it’s a great, important and common question indeed. I cannot give it the time you deserve tonight but will reply before the weekend is out. Thanks much, -Glenn

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