Christmas and Beyond- New Music From GK

I and others in our fellowship have worked with The Bridge (Chicago) for some 10 years now. They reach out to ex-prisoners and at-risk peeps helping with genuine friendship, biblical answers to their questions and needs, food, housing and job placement. In short, they do amazing and needed work and we’re proud to work with The Bridge.
Several months ago they informed me they’d decided to record a project of songs that I am largely featured on and which I have finished tracking. They told us that all proceeds of this project must to go to our Cornerstone Community Outreach shelter as we work with the poor -many whom are veterans. They get us and they understand the issues. Wow.

So I hope you and others you pass this info. on to will be uplifted and encouraged by the music as well as opportunity to help the many in-need people of CCO.
Here is the first single, a pre-release mixed for the holidays as you’re about to hear.Enjoy!
With deep respect and warm thanks to the staff at The Bridge.

Wishing all a BLESSED Thanksgiving and indeed, Christmas!!


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