Chicago Cigarbox Git Fest 2016

Great fun tonight, many kind comments and enjoyed it as per usual. Thanks to Brian, Tony and crew 🙂

Here are a few shots, mostly a dark placeBrauerhouseCBGfest but just a few phone shots.LowebowCookin

Tonight’s git arsenal included my Shane Speal 3 stringer, Ascendent Instruments 3 stringer, an Altoids tin super short diddley bow (1 stringer) I made and my Rat Dog (now that he is in Florida, Swamp Dog) bedpan 4 stringer. Some cool stuff in the side room.LoweGitsFunGear

The Percolater amp rocked as did the Trimmed and Burnin’ Spanky amp.

Next weekend, 2 Ohio shows. I will update them in the week.

Now- TOMORROW night (Sunday, Nov. 15) I will pop out a lil’ surprise gift for everyone- cuz Christmas is coming. Also what’s coming is a fresh and very diff. project I’m included in to be released around the end of January. Hint- it’s not blues, nor rock at all… but it’s music I believe in -and for a very important and good cause.

For now, G’night!



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