Veteran’s Day USA, 2016

So it occurs to me that plenty of people would like to wish away war, weapons and the sometimes rather sick symbiotic link between mega-corporations, politicians and the military -the latter who are at the mercy of the first two to do whatever they are commanded to “in the nation’s interest”. Ahhh… let’s see… any possible issues with any of this??!

And yet and still- I cannot claim full pacifism for a number of reasons, and though a serious Bible dude, running to Old Testament law to affirm just any conflict or use of force has not only biblical but ethical and moral implications a lot of folks are unwilling to admit. The same for gun legislation- which, by the way, I support elements of. Yep, balance, not HARD RIGHT nor HARD LEFT. Wisdom is not quite as easy (I know, “let them ask of God” and…) but fact is, everyone reading this including me only has “partial knowledge” much less wisdom on every and all topics. Humility is severely lacking in these debates and in the end it often seems (to me) screaming and attacking is merely a defense for one’s own personal view, not that of seeking truth or justice.

Having said all of this: I support our veterans, active and inactive, retired or not because they are human beings with the same basic needs, many with a spouse, kids, families, all with parents and grandparents. Veterans are PEOPLE, ALL OF WHOM GOD COMMANDS ME TO LOVE “as myself”, as in any neighbor. Another “command” -of Christ Himself. Most of us have issues with commands, no?

I continue to disagree with various calls to arms by all sorts of nations (including the USA), but at times believe it was and is important and needed.

Enough of this long preface to hopefully stir some thought amongst those who read me from time to time.

What’s the punchline?


Love must go beyond talk and far beyond choosing “those people” or “those Other people” for God’s love reaches out to all: friend, enemy and those who (by your view) may seem to slide back and forth between them both.

Thank, pray for and do something of practical, kind help for those who serve or have served.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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