Henry’s Cigarbox Guitar (Diddley Bow)

HenrysDiddleyBowTossed together a lil’ diddley bow git for GKB’s smallest true and super cute fan -from Germany! He is also a drummer, but I figured he could learn some slide, bang on the string with a pencil or stick and who knows?:)

Anything to drive Mama and Papa nuts is cool. I DID keep her acoustic, no pickup… they will thank me.

So she is a take-down design due to possibly needing to be taken apart and stowed in a suitcase for flights.BottomOfBox

The box opens from the bottom and has a solid copper nail in the center, so I placed a hole in the top for the neck to be pushed through, slotted the bottom as per normal and simply looped a .053 wound acoustic string around the walnut neck, up over the bolt/nut bridge and then drilled a hole to fit the round-headed bolt serving as a nut.
I did add 2 smaller nails near the ends on either side to help keep her shut if they decide to not take it apart.

But the cool thing is with this git, you just loosen the string with the tuner, pop the loop off the bottom of the neck, loose the top (re. the 3 tiny nails) and pull the neck slowly out of the top of the box for flight storage if need be.

I had a decent real tuning machine so used it- unusual for me but for him, the best! More simple for Papa to change the string when needed.

She is tuned to A with that low E string, scale bridge to nut is 17 inches, nearly 2 full octaves to play on/within.

Total length is 20 1/2 inches and the box is solid wood Romeo Y Julieta.PositionMarkers

I sure love these kind friends 🙂 Hope Henry has as much fun with it as I do building and playing ’em.

As always , thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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