Next GK Solo Show Saturday, Nov. 14 Lombard, IL

At the Fourth Annual Chicago Cigar Box Guitar Festival. Baby! So here’s the scoop from their Facebook page:

“We are back again with our 4th annual Chicago CBG fest! After last year there was no doubt we would be returning to Brauerhouse in Lombard IL, the venue and the fest are a perfect fit. With a great stage and sound system, top notch food and service, there is no place we’d rather be.”

Friday 13th @ 7:00pm. $13
Midnight – Mikey Classic and his Lonesome Spur
11:00pm – AJ Gaither
10:00pm – Dan Phelps
9:00pm – 7 Hills Stomp
8:00pm – One Hand Dan
7:00pm – Jeff Dale

Saturday 14th -Doors 1:00pm $17

Midnight – Mississippi Gabe Carter
11:00pm – Reverend KM Williams
10:00pm – Scotch Hollow
9:00pm – Lou Shields
8:00pm – Pitchy and the 44’s
7:00pm – Johnny Lowebow
6:00pm – Stacey Puckett
5:00pm – Glenn Kaiser
4:00pm- Dusty Curbside
3:00pm – Dead Eye Zack
2:00pm – John Nickel

Once again we will be raffling off two CBGs courtesy of Hardtime CBGs

Cigar Box Guitar Market and Open Mic all day Saturday!


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