Personal Jesus?

You may recall the song, laugh at the concept or scratch your head at the rather deluded masses of largely redneck culture or washed-out liberal element who cozy up to Jesus, but here is the rub: He and not a concept, philosophy or organization brought me recovery and healing that just did not come from another source.

I know, I know, “If it works for YOU, cool”. I GET that people in the U.S. are sick and tired of Bible-bashing homophobes, political operatives and the gun-toting fear mongers who openly tout worshiping God, country and guns… and the “get out of jail free” slogan “don’t judge” while all the while THEY JUDGE YOU. I get that and them.

But like your position on these and all things, it gets personal. For you too. Yep. Personal.

“One convinced against his/her will is of the same opinion still”.

“Let every person be fully persuaded IN THEIR OWN MIND.” (Apostle Paul, Romans 14.5b)

Yep. It’s personal.

The Book says we shall “all give account”. But of course people wrote that book, right? Flawed and in some cases, dumb, and/or wrong, and/or bigoted, and/or harsh and nasty peeps. Like… like you and me. Like we all have sinned and fallen short of perfection of both intrinsic value judgments as well as -judging others- (because every person reading this is judging the blog post, me and those I am addressing here…).

See my last post for more unpacking on that issue please.

So, to the point:

With all that’s wrong with us (that meaning you, me, us, in and out of “the church” whatever that means to both of us) you’d expect humility from all of us. Not.

Because it’s personal.

Who are YOU to TELL ME -anything, really?

Because it’s personal.

Though I’m not playing the “I know it all” card, I think we can all learn from others, regardless.

When I was full-on, hard-core, God-in-my-faced over a three-month period culminating in a 3 a.m. encounter with the risen Jesus Christ I recognized my options were two: follow Him or don’t.

In the face of all the flawed, sinful (yep, I also believe in biblical definitions of sin as well as grace) and sometimes embarrassing nonsense I have experienced and studied IN AND OUTSIDE OF “CHRISTIAN” FAITH, I still cannot wish away the sheer weight of God showing up in my life.

Please understand, like your own faith or un-faith, it’s personal.

But like you, I communicate, so it’s not only personal. I am convinced Jesus loves you equally as much as He loves me.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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