This post is largely about me, but perhaps you as well. Maybe. Dunno.

When I hit 18 years of age my typical hobbies were as follows:

Smoking -cigs, cigars, pipes, Indian cigs, grass, hashish, eventually using snuff, various chemical drugs, acid, speed, etc., beer, booze and etc., really anything to get a buzz or fully high

Sex -any possible way

Music -as a fan and musician (by then blues, r&b, soul, rock, folk and variations), singing, playing guitar, bass, drums, harmonica

Friends -many and many sorts, subcultures and etc. but mostly those who had the same hobbies I did

Food -(I still like most and varied kinds)

Exploring people and places -(yep, still), human history via books and visiting various areas often of the sort only locals knew about, asking questions of locals; radio shortwave, am, fm, cb, listening to amateur radio, etc.; tv watching (especially documentaries)

Camping -and on occasion, fishing and shooting.

That pretty much covered it for me.

As I aged, first American football, then soccer (continuing passion as a fan and still occasionally kicking a ball around), hunting, flying kites, and researching what people think and why world-wide (via the internet, other media and personal discussion), playing with Linux computer operating systems and both building and playing cigarbox and found-object guitars and other do-it-yourself, “on the cheap” musical instruments .

I like the idea of fishing but cannot give it much time these days, same for hunting and camping (re. shooting and hunting,not all but nearly every kind of firearm, airgun and bow you might name).

I take a zillion photos and enjoy the memories, but it’s discovery that I really enjoy.


Being open to new experiences, ideas, possibilities -with the understanding that as a follower of Jesus some are cool, some not (Bible is my foundational ethic and study-guide for all relationships and decisions) and personal comfort including that of any culture or subculture must not trump my current, best understanding of God’s will in Christ.

If you know/knew the south-central Wisconsin culture as well as inner-city Milwaukee and now Chicago cultures I have lived in, a lot of my early and current hobbies likely just make sense.

A massive German, then (cities) Polish, Irish, African-American and immigrant populations have all inspired my own exploration of humanity in many forms.

I admit to not thinking hard right or hard left politically but lean strongly left in areas while strongly right in others, far more due to my understanding of scripture and practical application than raw comfort or personal taste as such.

Hobbies are good. Experiences “out of the box” and learning often happen that way. Linking up with people unlike yourself IF you are willing to be kind, ask questions, listen as well as pontificate (I do it all the time, been working on being kind and not talking people’s brains to a mush for years…).

I believe hobbies are like little perks, they afford breaks from the everyday and the sometimes provincial (norm, THIS is HOW we DO THAT and NO OTHER WAY DUDE!) attitudes that sometimes cause more damage than keep us sane, safe and actually feed our (and others) soul.

Continuing to explore, learn and consider different points of view, trying empathize with people unlike ourselves (errr… LOTS of those on the planet and on our block) sometimes happens as we experience or learn about hobbies due to interaction with others.


So hopefully today Wendi and I go to fly kites!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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