Let’s Go FLY A KITE!

WendisDeltaFinally a warm, mostly sunny day with a wind blowing well enough to fly but not blow us away or dead calm!GKsMiniDelta

For Wendi to be able to climb the hill and back was amazing after several years of intense pain being barely able to walk. As she has rehabbed from getting two hip replacements, we had an amazing afternoon up Cricket Hill on Chicago’s lakefront.BeautifulGirl1

We’ve got many kites, lots given to us over the years, a few we bought and some just for the kids and grandkids. This day was for the two of us.BeautifulGirl2

We brought 5 different very small and large deltas, an owl OwlKite

and though the wind was a bit sporadic, gusty and we both hit the ground a few times, it IS called “flying kites” not merely “watching” ’em, ha. So due to the wind it took a bit of effort to keep them airborne, but as you see, God does it well and helped us on this sweet day!

Autumn in Chicago with my best friend, can’t be more thankful!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn

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