Spring Cleaning in Autumn

AutumnChicagoOct2015I LOVE this time of year! And I have been thinking about transitions, especially with regard to aging, family, friends, job changes, downsizing, stewardship and such.

As our amazing Mom-in-law passed away last year, my wife slowly has gone through things she kept from her Mom. In 43 years of our marriage and ministry we have a LOT of stuff that we have needed to sort, toss, offer our kids and such.

Recently our community needed a space my wife and fam have used for years, so on the basis of all the above it was time. Not quite finished but close, bless the Lord!

As I come in from tour stuff piles up. I realized I had about 5 small or medium size suitcases that I just did not need. All SORTS of stuff, papers, cds I would never listen to again, books I would never read (some of those given away as they would benefit others) and on it went.

In the first couple times of sorting I tossed 7 large garbage cans (overloaded by the way) of bye-bye stuff that I knew I would never use again and that was almost all of no use to anybody. Yahoo!

Spring cleaning in the autumn 🙂

The funny thing is that at heart I LOVE clean, simple, Danish design and ecological life and living. I mean, we live in intentional community and how much stuff do we have room for?

Seems to me, like most people the answer is “how much room do you have available to fill” in western societies… not that this makes any sense!

I have often mentioned that even in the smallest towns in the U.S. we have massive storage lots, both new and old, where folks essentially rent extra space to keep “all our stuff”.

Like many, we love yard and garage sales, but in the end it’s just stuff, and you won’t take it with you. Maybe worse, it simply gets in the way of sanity and takes a lot of time to just sort out if you let it pile up over the years. Yep.

I am down to 25 cigarbox/found object guitars, many very small, hung up on my office walls. I only kept what I will either use, gift someone with or sell. Each of them have specific meaning but also purpose and value to me and in some cases, others. I threw away a boatload of other home-made gits, finished, half-built and such, just keeping parts for future use.

12 amazingly cool boxes and about 6 tops for future builds are part of my kept stuff. Any computer parts, clothes and such I knew I would never use went out the door. Nice!

It can be difficult to do such cleaning, but like spiritual rubbish, we each benefit by (as the 12 Steps say) “taking fearless inventory” on a regular basis so that burdensome, unneeded junk doesn’t clog our lives and spill out to affect others.


Little by little, we see progress.

Now, back to work for me, ha!

As always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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  1. We are busy re-decorating our home a bit, and spring cleaning also sneaked it’s way in there.
    It is amazing the stuff you hoard because of sentiment, yet it has zero value to you in real life. (Do I really need that rusty old egg lifter my Mom had since my childhood?)
    This week, I cleaned up some ‘dubious’ files from my PC. Stuff I had not looked at in years. Guess what? Next day I resented myself for deleting those. (Humans, huh?) But spiritual rubbish as you call it, is just that. Rubbish.

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