October 2015 2 String Canjo Build

Yeah, it’s sick. Ok, perhaps I am, HA!CanJoWannabe

I’m a big boy who loves little things. Maybe file under “simple minds are amused easily”?

Here you see my super fast and very small Latvian Linux distro (computer operating system, “distribution”… o.k., so I have it toggled to English:) on my desktop.

And my rather tiny, fresh canjo build.Canjo2Stringer Canjo? Yep. Slide guitar (no frets), slide made of a piece of electrical conduit I cut and polished inside and out, with piece of old credit card for a pic. A cool can friends were discarding, they had put a fork and copper wire on it to use like a cup to drink from. But I saw other possibilities. Oh, and piezo pickup attached. Sounds pretty cool!CanjoInLap

She’s a 2 stringer made from a length of stick, couple eyebolts with wingnuts for tuners, bottle cap for a nut and bolt/nut bridge. Got a .036 wound string on the bottom and .017 on top both tuned to D so an octave thing there.BottleCap

Glued a bottom piece (inside the can) to the neck to add support for the screws to better hold and strings to pass through.

She’s 16 1/2 inches head to tail, 12 1/2 in scale (meaning bridge to nut).

Uncle Crow (via Cigarboxnation.Com, Instructables, etc.) constantly uses a design I like for several reasons, that being putting the neck on TOP of a cigarbox as with a pickup especially, the resonation is often not all that different from placing it as per normal, inside the box under the lid.

I decided to try something similar but not exactly the same, on this little git tonight having never done it with a canjo before.

One of the things I don’t like when building very short necked gits like this is that I find very little room for my plucking hand. I am also not personally convinced you get all that much sound out of the can itself.

With a pickup attached (one of my portables, packing taped in place) and if you aren’t going to play it much without an amp, who cares?

So I placed the neck inside the can but instead of the typical “strings inside” they are on the outside.

I am now able to rest my hand on the top of the can and pluck the strings with no can getting in the way of my picking hand.

If this is confusing, just websearch canjo or canjoe and look at the pics. The strings are always coming from inside the can.

Carry-on deluxe!

Took a little over an hour to make. Appearing soon at a show near you perhaps 🙂

BLUES in a can.

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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