DROP (lyric)

I dunno, guess I’m thinking of the juxtaposition of Canada’s celebration of Thanksgiving today, our own in the U.S. coming around again in November, native American history as well as Columbus Day.

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

-glenn kaiser-

pull that trigger o’er again
in the name of love an’ defend
hit ’em hard and hit ’em fast
though this kingdom cannot last

it’s how we play
Columbus Day

search, discover, take it all
stake your claim and blood will fall
Putin, T. R., Christopher
history just a freakin’ blur

it’s them that pay
Columbus Day

in the name of God an’ king
of country pride and gain we sing
flying flags above the graves
there will be a reckoning

corporate greed and conscience split
never get enough of it
peasants poor as markets spit
lock an’ load, another hit

drop grace you say
Columbus Day


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