Biker… Sorta…

I have always loved bikes, like, motorbikes (big honkin’ Indian motorcycles like the Chief to be exact) but also bicycles.Nice Grips

From the time I first learned how, maybe 9 yrs. old until perhaps my 16th year I rode most days. Some days I did the crazy stuff at a local gravel/dirt pit, up and down the hills, jumps and such. Fun stuff as a kid!

Re. finances, insurance, time, even my wife’s health (arthritis) I decided long ago for me- not anyone else, but for me- it didn’t make sense for me to invest in a motorcycle, as much as I love ’em, gawk at bike rallies I play music at, etc.. For me -again, just myself- it would be an expense and more selfish pursuit I don’t feel right about doing. But I still love ’em and those who ride!Harley Rat

Now, simply borrowing a non-motorized bike is another story…

As most reading this would know, Chicago like many cities in the U.S. finally got smart and added bike lanes for cyclists on many major streets. Just as we have signs encouraging people to keep an eye out for big “scooter” riders, now more than ever we also need to keep an eye out for non-motorized bikes.

I last owned a bicycle many years ago, but recently as Wendi had 2 hip replacements and her knees (with meds and shots) seem to be holding up, we thought a friend’s adult trike might work for her.TRIKEer We shall see this weekend, but it is also an experiment in that I would need to borrow a bike too so we could go to the lakefront together.

Another close friend has given me freedom to use his anytime, nice one, helmet and all, so we shall see.

Two nights I took it out for a brief spin and really had fun. First I have ridden in about 20 years. Good exercise of course, and that’s part of it. I do a treadmill or would bike daily for the near future, so that’s all cool.

Then again, people in cars and trucks open doors when you pass… sometimes… so it’s a lot like life in general: there is always risk.

The joy and needs of life and living bring all of us to make decisions and consider risk/benefit in each case. The older you get the more you have experienced the possible pains of making poor choices. Then again, the joy of moving with air in your hair (however much you may still have as you age, ha!) is also cool.

And doing things with the one you love most is ALWAYS cool.

So perhaps I -am- a biker.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Biker… Sorta…

  1. When I am stuck in Johannesburg traffic, I always silently envy the guys on their motorcycles weaving about, getting to where they are going far quicker than me.
    My fiance would have nothing of it though. 😦
    Still, driving on a weekend and a ‘gang’ of bikes come past, seems like a good way to be free, as it were.

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