Five Things Worth Doing

I was recently struck by advice re. five things musicians should do each day… and it got me to thinking about:

Five Things from which serious Christ-followers would benefit in doing daily


Relationship, Relationship, Relationship! Would you be married and really experience married relationship if you never talked, listened, spent intimate time together, apologized, gave thanks, loved together? T-I-M-E. Yep. Not rocket science but this most basic and obvious part of a walk with the Lord is at times neglected by those who “sealed the deal” at  some point in their life. Tragic and just plain unnecessary to -not- fellowship with Him daily. Prayer, Bible study, attention to His voice in nature and via others.
The old “no man is an island” is again SOOO obvious. As non-Christians, pre-believers we rarely went more than a few days if that, without linking up with friends who shared our interests. Those interests were often hobbies, and of course, often, sins. Texting, social media and other means are good, but face-to-face far better on a number of levels. How is it that some only show up with brothers and sisters in Christ one hour per week on Sunday morning? That may be somewhat a solitary, even generally a rather “spectator event” rather a genuine close communion over our spiritual concerns (or God’s concerns for us!). Small groups and one-on-one or couple-to-couple spiritual discussion are what I’m talking about here. God knows few Christians overdo this!
Spiritually edifying communication with close, trusted people. You may think I just covered this above but here I mean confession of need, sin, honestly caring, praying for one another, linking at a deeper level than “I’m o.k,, you’re o.k…” At a basic level this can be done daily and at a much deeper level, weekly.
You may think I just covered this with #3 but here I mean if you have any sense that you have wronged someone, apologize and if at all possible, pray with them, seek to reconcile. This last bit is not always possible because it takes two (or more) willing to both confess, admit and in fact agree on what actually went wrong between you -but at very least you can “pray for your enemies” and ask God to bless them, forgive them before the Lord in prayer and be as sure as you can to keep your own heart/conscience clear where you may have caused hurt.
Sometimes we get into self-depressive thinking due to our perception that we are making little or no progress in our spiritual growth. IF we walk out the first 4 points I have listed above we will begin to eventually see the payoff for this last point, five. Godly accountability partners and others, even the Lord Himself will speak peace to your heart and you will begin to see fruit though you must be patient with yourself. The Word of God is clear that we each have spiritual gifts. Those gifts confirm His calling, and His calling reflects His will in terms of our areas of service to Him and specifically how and where we can best serve others. A disciple of Jesus hears His voice via His Word and via godly people He places in our life to affirm and confirm scriptural and loving attitudes as well as goals. Regardless of gifting, this will bring credible witness to both believer and those not yet walking with Jesus.
Communion with Father, Son, Spirit
Communion with the saints
Authentic, Voluntary Accountability
Confession, Repentance, Right Relationships with others
Loving Service to God and Others
Sowing such things as a daily focus will reap eternal benefits for each of us and those we influence.
Things to consider on the journey!
Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Five Things Worth Doing

    1. Thanks Tom. I find that it’s the little stuff, the basics, foundations that often first get trashed in our lives due to neglect or other things distract us from them (parable of the sower comes to mind). 77’s “Drowning With Land in Sight” sort of thing. So yes, profound but super simple. Which is why I come back to such things over and over and think it good to remind others of the same. Gracias bro, -Glenn

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