In this past week both my studies and my message notes from scripture brought me to thinking again about (Irene, David who sang, came up with these lyrics) fame. You might recall the movie and song.

I’m gonna live forever
I’m gonna learn how to fly


I’m gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame

A few points of note: EVERYBODY IS FAMOUS TO SOMEBODY. To whom more is given, more shall be required.

There are surely a few full-on recluses, hermits, peeps out in the backwoods, forests or shut-ins who just do not communicate with anyone else, but very few indeed.

So WHAT if “more people know” you or me?

And what do they truly know? How close are you to them, they to you?

There are levels of honesty, integrity, and most of all, trust. You only go as far as you choose or perhaps are required to, correct?

So do you really have a deeper level of friendship with anyone, more than one, a spouse, family member, truly close friend?

When I hear the buzzword “community” I often smile a bit because I understand as many do- that whatever the sort of community you are talking about, we choose or are perhaps at times required to know and be known at a much deeper, intense level… or not…

SHOULD there be boundaries? ARE there truly healthy, safe boundaries in human-to-human relationships? Absolutely! But each of us has (for the most part) the ability to choose what those boundaries of trust and genuine (or fake) love and connectivity are.

So as I consider fame, I consider the fact that more people may recognize person X in comparison to person Y. So what? Is life only valued by the math, the numbers, the quantity of one’s influence, the sum (greater is always better??) of peeps who decide you’re wise, beautiful, talented, hip or whatever?? I don’t think so. I don’t think God thinks so.

Yes, we will all live forever, but separation from God isn’t living as such.

Nobody truly “flies” without angels and the grace and power of God in their life, though they may create phony wings while on this planet.

Heaven is not the eternal destination nor state of all, but “whosoever will”.

Jesus’ grace extends to all, but not all care about relationship to Him over their own tide (which flows, ebbs and ultimately means only what it truly means by God’s Own value judgment) of “fame” or lack of it.

So we may well light up the sky while on this planet, but the heavens will be dissolved with a fervent heat (according to scripture) and in fact there will be “a new heaven and earth where righteousness dwells”.


There can be no doubt whatsoever that Jesus Christ is famous.

Some love Him, some hate Him, some could care less. Some believe, some disbelieve. He is at times convenient to follow and often quite the opposite, especially in various societies, cultures and subcultures in America and the rest of the world.

Fame? Hmmmm. Things to consider?

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn



  1. Nobody truly “flies” without angels and the grace and power of God… I am SO taking this and applying it to my life, personal, professional and Spiritual!
    Thank you for sharing Mr Kaiser! Hoping you have an amzing and wonderful day and week ahead!

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