20150926_175000Quite a few people in the western world are privileged enough they can take a vacation most years or at least every other year. Many cannot as so much depends upon the economy, job, health and the like.

In British English the term is “holiday” and most summers a great many people in Europe and slightly beyond take about 2 1/2 months and travel, head for beaches, forests, mountains or otherwise just get away for a bit to relax, enjoy sport, rest and perhaps family.

Reality is that most of the world never has such an option due to their economic situation, poverty or just getting by.

This year our own schedule and funds are such that we are blessed to have saved up just enough and had time to do a week, though for years two weeks vacation was our norm.

We are at a lake in Wisconsin mostly to ourselves, very fun for our families, kids and grandkids.

We have access to several boats and are loving the lake as you can see.20150925_123705

One pic here is taken in the sun room which is surrounded by glass doors and windows. I love it. Two of our three daughters and their families and my father-in-law, Wendi and I and a friend were able to chip in and do this- blessed!

The weather is due to be excellent all week and has been the past 3 days- cool nights good for bonfires, warm, sunny, slightly breezy days. So nice to rest!20150925_200040

My sweet wife just baked home-made bread and breadsticks and one of my daughters and sons-in-law are making a dinner to enjoy. Wow.

I have been able to take grandkids in the canoe, kayak and do a little yard-sale shopping with my father-in-law. Very restful time.

Sleeping until we wake up is a treat too.

Last night the family did s’mores around the bonfire, sang worship songs and for a change, at night in Wisconsin the bugs did not participate, ha! They usually eat me alive so this is truly cool.

I do appreciate God in His grace giving us times to rest and refresh- and regardless of time or finances we can have that. I am also very thankful for a week with the family in this beautiful place.20150926_164658

Here you see the glass table in the sun room, fresh breadsticks cooling in the towel, scrabble game, Wendi has her knitting all around, the deck and lake outside. This is my morning devo spot, evening devo with Wendi.20150926_173804

Each night a large flock of geese honk and fly directly overhead.The fish are not biting just now -but they will 🙂

Thanks for stopping by my blog! -Glenn


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